Optimizing Youtube Videos

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Optimizing Youtube Videos for Ranking and Discoverability.

Youtube is the #1 video marketing site, the #2 video marketing site is Facebook.

Your primary objective with video is not to get views, but to get the viewer to take action.

*Drive traffic to your site

Build your list Sell products and services

*Get people to subscribe to your channel.

Optimizing for YouTube is not the same as optimizing for Google There are things you can do that will help you run better on both YouTube and Google but in general YouTubers algorithm is completely different than Google's algorithm unfortunately for us if YouTubers is much easier to influence.

Optimizing Youtube Videos

13 Steps to Optimize your videos for high Ranking and fast Discoverability 

1. Keywords in the Title.

Only the first 55 to 60 Chargers are visible in the YouTube search results. Make sure to use your main keyword with a call to action to attract people to click on it and watch the video. Write it like a Headline, capitalizing every word. Use a combination of your main keyword & variations, long tail keywords. Using unrelated keywords is spamming and repeating your main keyword is not going to help, but variations of your primary keyword will.

2. Description.

Youtube allows you to have up to 5,000 characters in the description. Use them all. Write an article about your content and sprinkle as many related keywords as you possibly can so it makes sense. When using the different keywords link them to the time that is mentioned in the video.

3. Incoming links.

In the description include all the links to your Youtube videos that are relevant. Also, link to all the blog posts and your social media posts, that have the same content and keywords.

4. Tags.

The Tags is the place for all your keywords. Use them all just be sure to be relevant and include all the long tail keywords (multi-word phrases)

5. The number of views. 

Make sure to share the video with your followers on all your Social media accounts, send an email to your subscribers. Embed it to your blog post.

6. Watch time. 

There are three things you can do to increase the watch time of your videos and keep your viewers longer on your channel.

•Create quality content

•Create a playlist so Youtube will show them more of your videos.

•Add annotations and cards to take them to the next video. This is call internal linking as you are linking your Youtube video to another Youtube video on your channel.

7. Social Shares.

Ask your visitors if they like the content to share your video on their social media. Once again you can use annotations with the social media buttons and ask for a share. Ask in the description, on your blog post, on your social media, at the bottom of your email add P.S. line.

8. How many subscribers your channel has.

Ask your viewers to subscribe to your Youtube channel. Use annotations for a call to action “Click Here To Subscribe! 9. Comments. Giving useful tips and asking questions is a good way to engage your visitors.

10. The total number of embeds of the video.

You can embed it in a blog post, Press Realise, articles. Discoverability Factors – Means the ways in which people can discover your videos on YouTube including YouTube search engine + YouTubers related videos and recommended videos future.

Ranking factors – Things that YouTube looks at when it decides how high you should rank in their search engine results.

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Optimizing Youtube Videos

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